Sunday, October 9, 2011

Op Shopping

Playing along with Sophie's Flea Market Finds.

 I was thrilled to see this 1962 vintage map at a local oppy.

I have been looking for something like this on ebay but they've all been a bit pricey or have had pick up only.
So when I saw this, it was one of those moments where you gasp to yourself- you hard core thrifters will know what I'm talking about;)
I happily paid my $15.00 and lugged it to my car.
I can't decide whether it belongs in Olllie's room, the playroom or the lounge area.
I wish I was brave enough to paint the frame.

Have you ever found something and let out a little gasp?


Bungalowgirl said...

Oooh what a find indeed. Maps are so popular at the moment and hard to find. I love the ones of Australia where every state is a different colour but yours is HUGE and I too would be struggling to find the choicest spot for it.
My gasp find was last weekend- two gorgeous perfect pieces of milkglass in the same Salvos. Post coming soon. melx

Bungalowgirl said...

I forgot to add that your littlest is so cute in that photo- is she just a little older than Liongirl? melx

beckyp said...

love the map Yesterday I was in the thrift and found some pottery by McCoy. I let out a gasp because I thought McCoy would bring some good money. I looked up my item on Ebay... not so much :-(

Yvette Adams said...

WOAH!!!!!! THE MAP IS AWESOME!!! I think it's for the playroom.

I let out a gasp on holidays. Charlotte found some pyrex we've been collecting that we've only been able to find in the US! And she found it in Ulmarra - a little town near Grafton! It wasn't an op shop tho - it was a vintage store, so vintage prices. But still cheaper than buying from the US!

Jem said...

Wow - this was absolutely worth the $15.00 and the hefting it to the car, it's such a find! I don't think I've ever come across one like it in a charity shop, it would look lovely in any room :-)

Jem xXx

Max said...

what a wonderful find, I've gone quite green-a map like that, that looks like it came out of a school room is on my dream find at the oppy list! My 'gasp-er' was a set of chef knives, like new, I use them everyday and wonder how I could ever have lived without them, even if I would have had to have added two noughts to the end of the price I paid to buy them new!

Sheree said...

Wow what a great find Lea! My latest gasp moment was when I recently found a 1930 box brownie camera at a garage sale...I had to have it and now it sits on my shelf. I love it!

Sheree xx

karlyn Jackson said...

Love it Lea! I can see why it had that effect on you. My oppies are turning out nothing at the moment..

Zara said...

Oh that framed map is a beauty, what a great find and a great price.
Ummm I've had a few gasp moments over the years of Op-shopping, a couple of recents ones being a painters ladder for $5, a soild timber phone table for $5 and a few near new books, still with their retail price stickers stating $30+, for a couple of dollars.

Hannah, Lost in wishful thinking said...

oh the map is beautiful :)

I will never forget the time (although it is not quite clear in my head anymore what exactly happened), there was a huge old map in the window of a thrift store, and my boyfriend saw it and wanted to get it.. But I said "no, its not worth it, it is ripped".

I regret it so much.. because we probably could have fixed the rip!

I found a beautiful old camera in a salvos once, a Minolta, with its instructions, case and filter on its lens for $25. That made my day for sure :) and when i got the test roll developed it worked!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Its awesome! I have definitely let out a gaso which is usually followed by "hey Mum look at this".

You scored and I'm sure it will look great where ever you put it.

Swirlyarts said...

This map is gorgeous - we have some maps that are cloth maps that we haven't put up yet as I haven't found the right frames (or the right place to hang them) I often have gasp moments - my latest was a Homemakers book from 1950 that I scored for £1.50. It has fab instructions on how to run your house and great photographs. I'll be doing post on it soon :)

t said...

Nice find!

Vic said...

Oh. My. God!

Soooooo..... *coughs* Where do you live, exactly? Not that I want to come & steal that or anything... *whistles*

Lis said...

Oh wow I love that map, what a fbulous find!!

Liz said...

I love that map - really fabulous. My most recent gasp moment was a 1960's piece of Poole Pottery for $2.00 which I absolutely love.

Just like Martha said...

wow that is not a little gasp Lea that is a BIG "yeeeehaaa"...well done what a great find!

zigsma said...

What an excellent find! I let out a gasp when I saw your post!